Welcome to the Sälen Aquarium!

Experience the Västerdal river as it runs from the mountains down to the sea. In our unique flowing water aquarium, you will encounter beautiful salmonids in the river's amazing aquatic environment. You will meet char, brown trout and rainbow trout in their natural environments. Even the normal coarse species such as pike, perch and roach can be seen face to face in the aquarium. And during the season even more species from the Västerdal river will be visible.


In the Sälen aquarium you will also have an exciting opportunity to see our Nordic fauna and wildlife. In a unique exhibition by nature photographer Bo Fritzen and taxidermist Ove Lundström, you have a close encounter with our largest carnivores. Bo Fritzen works as a professional photographer with the company imago. His amazing animal and nature pictures have to be seen to be believed. Taxidermist Ove Lundström, from Oves trofé atelje, is one of the foremost taxidermists in Sweden. At the Swedish game fair in 2012, he won the top prize as well as the public award with a beautiful montage of lynx.
Ove's ability to create montages of large predators sets the standard for the art.
Together in a unique exhibition entitled "Nordic wilderness" at the Sälen Aquarium they offer visitors a memorable experience.